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Abdolhossein Fathi

Abdolhossein Fathi

Abdolhossein Fathi    (FA Page)

Assistant Professor
Contact Number: -
Room: 37


Ph.D.                : Computer Engineering/Computer Systems Architecture

University        : University of Isfahan: Sep. 2007 – Sep. 2012

Thesis              : Automatic Blood Vessels Extraction and Their Features Measurement in Retinal Images.


M.Sc.                  : Computer Engineering/Computer Systems Architecture

University        : Sharif University of Technology: Sep. 2001 – Des. 2003

Thesis              : Person's awakeness Detection Using Eye Status.


B.Sc.                  : Computer Engineering/ Harware

University        : Iran University of Science and Technology: Sep 1997 - Sep 2001

Thesis             : Network Simulation Using NS Tool.


Research Interests

1.  Image and Video Processing

2.  Pattern Recognition

3.  Medical Image Analysis

4.  Data Compression

5.  Noise Removal Algorithms (Denoising)

6.  Biometric Analysis

7.  HDLs Hardware Modeling (VHDL)



1.     The Best Researcher of Department of Computer Engineering, Razi University, 2016.

2.     The Best PhD graduated of Computer Engineering, Isfahan University, 2014.

3.     The Best MSc graduated of Computer Architecture, Sharif University of Technology, 2003.

4.     The Best Student of Hardware Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, 2001.

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